Self Love - Climbed Mt Coot Tha and didn't look perfect!

On loving myself and my body – flaws and all

I absolutely adore Instagram. Except when I start seeing all these “perfect” looking people looking slim and tanned as they dreamily look out towards the ocean or stand in a field full of flowers. And then I look at photos of me with my hair in a boring ponytail, looking all puffy and pudgy and I start thinking things like,… Read more →

Not all rainbows and butterflies: on the struggles of moving to a new city and finding my feet in Brisbane

I was very naive to think moving interstate to a brand new city would be all rainbows and butterflies. I mean, I knew it would be challenging but I didn’t think it would be “I want to catch the next plane home” type of challenging. After all, I was the free-spirited traveller who could find a home anywhere. Moving to the… Read more →

Redefining travel: 7 tips to help you travel when you have a mortgage and a job

So here’s the situation: you’ve bought a house and now you have a mortgage. You’ve probably decided that life is now pretty much over and you’ll never get to fulfill your dreams of being a traveller. So not true. Since purchasing my house in September 2013, I’ve managed to do a fair bit of travelling. I’ve been to Sydney 3… Read more →