On things falling together and finding somewhere to live in Brisbane!


In my last post where I announced my big move east to Brisbane, I wrote about how I was currently on the hunt for somewhere to live.

Well lo and behold, the very next day I actually managed to find a place to call home. Talk about things falling together.

Where I’ll be living

I am going to be living in Fig Tree Pocket, a little suburb next to the Brisbane River, only 12km west of the CBD. It’s only a 12 minute drive to my new job in Jindalee and I’ll be going against the traffic so there’ll be no need to worry about getting stuck in jams. A 12 minute commute? Heck, it takes me 12 minutes just to walk from Perth Station to the office now! Public transport to work is a bit too tricky so driving really is my only option. Or maybe I should buy myself a bike and get super fit.

By the way how cool a name is Fig Tree Pocket? Brisbane does quirky suburb names really well.

Fig Tree Pocket River Reserve
Fig Tree Pocket River Reserve. Source of photo: Must Do Brisbane

There aren’t any shops in Fig Tree Pocket. For shopping, you need to drive to the next suburb over which is Indooropilly (another cool name!). There is however the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, home to 130 koalas as well as other Australian wildlife. They also have a farmer’s market every Friday evening as well as a free outdoor cinema!

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is only down the road from me! They also have a farmer’s market and a free outdoor cinema every Friday night. Source of photo: Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

While I was initially hoping to live somewhere a bit more central to shops and nightlife, the fact that I won’t be might actually be a good thing. I can easily imagine my bank account emptying out along with my waistline expanding. Instead, I can put that money on better things like travel, even day trips around Brisbane. 🙂 And while the closest train station is a 10 minute to Indooropilly, the suburb is well serviced with buses to the city. So that’s not so bad.

I am going to be renting out a room in a 3 bedroom home owned by a woman named Simone who I’ll be living with. We had a good chat on the phone and we both had totally good vibes about each other. Actually liking the person you’re going to live with kind of matters.

At one point during our phone conversation she mentioned her two dogs.

At that moment, I was won over. “Can I PLEASE move in with you?” Simone burst out laughing.

I can now live my fantasy of being a dog owner.

It’s a beautiful home with a swimming pool and my room will be fully furnished, which was my main requirement because I do not want to ship my furniture over, nor do I want to go rushing around trying to buy furniture at this point in time.

Everything is falling together beautifully.

How I went about house hunting

As you can imagine it’s not the easiest thing in the world finding somewhere to live in a city that’s on the other side of the country.

I had made the decision straight away to just do a house share for now, mainly because it’s easier, slightly cheaper and an easy way to meet new people. I’ll probably look into finding my own place (to either rent or more likely buy) in another year or so once I’m more settled in Brisbane (and have more money).

So I signed up to flatmates.com.au, created a profile and started sending out a whole lot of messages to people renting out rooms and scheduling in video calls with people. I was amazed by all the responses. The only issue was that I wouldn’t be moving over to Brisbane until the end of November and most people weren’t willing to hold the room for me, but at least they were nice enough to let me know. Pretty much everyone I interacted with was very friendly – I even had one person ask me about the kind of IT work I do.

Based on my interactions with people on this site alone, I have a pretty positive feeling that making friends in Brisbane isn’t going to be too difficult. Everyone there seems so freaking nice.

On keeping positive

My new boss had offered me up to a week’s accommodation if I needed it upon arriving in Brisbane. However I was determined to get myself into my own place straight away and settle in more easily.

Even though I had only been looking around for a few weeks, I was starting to panic somewhat. Which made me go even crazier with messaging everyone I could come across.

Part of me was starting to wonder if I was just being too fussy. Now I’m heading into my late 20s, the idea of living with 4 or 5 people doesn’t seem all that appealing to me, especially if they’re all students. The place had to be fully furnished. I wanted something near a train station and a bus route direct to work. But most importantly I wanted to make sure I would click with my new housemates.

I also secretly wanted to live with someone who had a pet dog but obviously when you’re struggling to find a place in general, I don’t think one can get too hung up on whether there’s a dog or not.

But I decided that I would stick to my guns, at least when it came to the number of people I’d live with and the fully furnished room and maybe compromise in other areas.

Interestingly enough, it was actually SImone who got in contact with me first. However I was extremely under the pump that day at work and didn’t give her a call until the next morning. And the rest, as they say is history.

It’s great having such a huge weight come off my shoulders. Now that I have a super awesome place to live, I’m even more excited about the move. I will also be sure to share all the little discoveries I make in Fig Tree Pocket and all the surrounding areas so watch this space!

Only 29 days left until I make the move east!

Note: Featured image from Pixabay.

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