October reading: These are a few of my favourite reads…

My favourite reads from the Internet in October 2016


As an avid reader who loves sponging up all sorts of information and interesting things, I am so thankful for smart phones and the Internet. While I admittedly haven’t read too many books lately, I have certainly trawled through a lot of articles and good reads.

So taking a wee break from writing my own stuff, here instead is a list of some of my favourite reads from the past month.


1) 10 things I wish my friends knew about being Māori:

“I wish my friends knew that when they ask me what ‘percentage’ of Māori I am — half, quarter, or eighth, they make me feel like a human pie chart.”

As someone of NZ Māori ethnicity, I have often found it frustrating when people ask me “How much Māori do you have in you?” This is because I probably don’t match the image most people have in their minds of a “typical” Maori and assume I must not have much Māori blood in me. It’s been hard to verbalise this frustration to other people. However this article pretty much sums up what I wish my friends and colleagues knew not only about what it’s like to be a Māori, but essentially what it’s like being me.


2) My Ultimate Guide to Sri Lanka: Tips, Costs, Itineraries and Favourites (Nomadic Matt):

As a lover of travel, I am forever trawling through travel blogs on the hunt for some awesome places to visit and add to my forever growing list. One of these places, Sri Lanka, is a country I’ve considered visiting for quite some time and after reading this post by Nomadic Matt, I have been won over completely.

I mean – cheap food, temples, wildlife, surfing and good hiking and still a little off the beaten track? Yes please!


3) What 76 words from my Ex taught me about being “Too Much”:

“When I feel myself biting my tongue for fear of saying too much, I must re evaluate the space I’m allowing others to take up in my life. And in turn, I must always remember to never hush the fire inside another soul. Because by doing so, I’m breaking their spirit because it threatens my own.”

This story really resonated with me. Being quite loud, fiery and boisterous, I often wondered if this was contributing to my troubles with meeting someone. Perhaps if I was a bit more “toned down”, coy and “lady like”, I’d have more luck attracting a guy.

Puh-leeeease! Being “toned down” is way too tiring for me!


4) 5 Surprising Lessons I learned from Buddhist nuns about dating and relationships:

“When little girls watch movies about Prince Charming, they very likely will look for him when they grow older, and the truth is there is no Prince Charming out there, there exists human beings, and as a woman you don’t need saving.”

First off, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a Buddhist nun.

But in all seriousness, reading this provided plenty of “a-ha” moments and I am sure everyone can take something away from this read.


5) In defence of Warriena Wright: an open letter to a slut-shaming newspaper columnist:

“It’s the same old message: it’s women’s responsibility to keep themselves safe from predatory men. Perhaps we should be teaching our sons to respect all women, or are women who “indulge” in casual sex not worthy of respect?”

For those of you in Queensland, Australia or New Zealand, you may have been following the news regarding Gable Tostee who is currently on trial for the murder of NZ woman Warriena Wright who fell to her death from his Surfers Paradise apartment balcony.

The pair met through Tinder and Warriena obviously ended up at Tostee’s place. That’s fair enough.

However, NZ journalist Peter Jackson (not to be confused with the LOTR director) wrote what I thought was an awful piece where he constantly “slut shamed” Warriena as if her death was her own fault for partaking in casual sex and that she should have known better.

In response, another journalist, Kristina Hard wrote this incredible comeback which I like to think gives some justice to Warriena and will help encourage more conversation around the way women are still regarded when it comes to dating and casual sex.


6) Dispatches from Tinder-Free Land: 5 Women on Life After Quitting:

“I was looking to start something romantically and was still trying to figure out exactly what I wanted. But Tinder wasn’t helping—it was just a distraction. My intentions were as unclear to myself as they were to the guys who kept nudging me to hang out.”

I had a lot of fun reading this article – it was like reading my life story. It is quite heartening to read stories of other Tinder survivors. From time to time I have dreams of starting a revolution and uniting all my fellow Tinder quitters. Who’s with me on this one?


And there you have it! Just a very small subset of articles that have made me think, made me laugh and made me cry. Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: Featured image sourced from Pixabay.

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