My Travel To-Do List

I am madly obsessed with making lists. I often end my day at work with a list of items to do the next day. Before I go shopping, I never leave home without making a list of everything I need (*cough* want *cough*). I make lists when I’m packing and getting ready for a trip. I just love lists.

And of course I am forever making lists of places I want to travel.

So without further ado, this is my travel to-do list. By making it public, the intent is to motivate myself to actually do these trips rather than just list them down. 🙂 And maybe I might inspire some of you out there to try these trips for yourself – if you do or if you’ve already been to any of these places, feel free to share your stories!

Western Australia

  1. Explore more of the South West region of Western Australia away from Margaret River: Denmark, Albany, Augusta, Bridgetown, Manjimup, Mt Barker, Pemberton, Collie, Jewel Cave, Valley of the Giants, Greens Pool… The list goes on.
  2. Roadtrip up to the Coral Coast
  3. Discover the North West – ride a camel on the beach at sunset in Broome; discover horizontal waterfalls; do a farm/station stay in the Outback.
  4. Visit Rottnest Island and meet a quokka! Yes I have lived in Perth for almost 4 years and still haven’t been to Rottnest Island. Go ahead and judge me.
  5. Explore the towns in the Wheatbelt region of Australia’s Golden Outback.
  6. Also part of the South West region, but I think it’s worthy of its own line: I really want to explore the Ferguson Valley really well: home to Gnomesville (residence for 3000 gnomes) and 10 or so wineries and
  7. Explore more of the Peel Region especially towns like Jarrahdale and Pinjarra.

Rest of Australia

  1. Visit Cocos Island – situated in the Indian Ocean, 2750 km north-west of Perth.
  2. Visit Christmas Island – I only ever knew it as home to one of Australia’s infamous detention centres, but there’s actually some incredible things to do there. The place is famous for its unique annual red crab migration!
  3. Explore the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.
  4. Discover South Australia: explore the wine scene in places like Adelaide Hills and Barossa; visit Kangaroo Island because the name is cool.
  5. Drive along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.
  6. Visit Hunter Valley in NSW, Australia’s largest wine region.
  7. Go hiking in Tasmania.
  8. Visit Uluru
  9. Visit Darwin
  10. Visit the Sunshine Coast
  11. Explore the more intrepid part of the Gold Coast

Oceania/South Pacific

  1. Pay homage to my heritage and visit the beautiful rock carvings at Mine Bay in Taupo, New Zealand. My family originate from this region and yet I had never heard of this place at all!
  2. Explore the winery scene in the Wairarapa Region, New Zealand.
  3. See the beautiful autumn foliage in the South Island of New Zealand.
  4. Go to Queenstown (New Zealand) so Aussies stop judging me for having never been there.
  5. Visit Lake Waikaremoana, New Zealand. The place is just absolutely breath taking.
  6. Be the first to see the sunrise in Gisborne, New Zealand.
  7. Visit the Taranaki region, New Zealand.
  8. Visit the beautiful islands of Samoa, Tonga and the Cook Islands and experience the beautiful singing at a Sunday mass.
  9. Explore French Polynesia and New Caledonia.
  10. Complete the 19km Tongariro Alpine Crossing in New Zealand. Apparently there is an option to start the trek early in the morning so you make it up to the summit in time for sunrise.


  1. Visit Malaysia – very cheap and easy to get to from Perth. Discover the incredible food and in particular, explore the Portuguese-influenced town of Malacca.
  2. Give Singapore a second chance after a very humid one day stopover and not feeling overly enamoured by the place.
  3. Do the backpacking trail through Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.
  4. Return to Thailand – explore more of Northern Thailand in particular.
  5. Visit the beautiful islands of the Philippines.
  6. Explore Sri Lanka before it becomes too touristy.
  7. Go to Japan for the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the food.
  8. South Korea – because I have learnt a lot of Korean phrases and words from my sister so I feel like I would be considered a local there.


  1. Explore more of Croatia, although I’d go back to Pag Island for the cheese and lamb.
  2. Return to Italy. I’d go back to Cinque Terre in a heart beat. Would love to venture further south of Rome as well.
  3. Georgia. The food – oh my god the food. The wine. Wine making apparently originates from Georgia. The incredible history and culture. The music (polyphonic harmonies also come from Georgia). The beauty of the landscape. The fact that it’s still off the beaten path – for now.
  4. Explore more of the UK – the plan is to visit in 2018 for my Mum’s 60th birthday, in particular Cornwall which is where her paternal ancestors come from. I’d also be keen to head up north into Yorkshire and Scotland as well.
  5. Travel along the west coast of Ireland and sing “Danny Boy” while looking out at the wild ocean.
  6. Do a culinary and rugby tour of Southern France.
  7. Scandinavia – Finland, Denmark, Norway – after watching a food doco about this region, I was won over!
  8. Spain – was heartbroken to not be able to make it there during our 2015 Euro trip.
  9. Portugal – because it’s next to Spain, very underrated and sounds incredible!

The Americas

  1. Hawaii, USA
  2. Prince Edward Island, Canada (Anne of Green Gables, here I come!)
  3. Montreal, Canada
  4. Manitoba region, Canada – totally not influenced by a Canadian guy I once dated, I promise!
  5. The Rockies, Canada
  6. Chicago, USA
  7. New York, New York
  8. New Orleans, USA
  9. Central America
  10. Argentina
  11. Chile


  1. Go on safari at Kruger National Park, South Africa.
  2. Go hiking in Drakensberg, South Africa
  3. Eat bunny chow in Durban, South Africa
  4. Cape Town, South Africa: so, so, so many things I want to do here: visit the Springbok Experience Museum, Robben Island, Table Mountain, visit all the wineries in the region.
  5. Morocco
  6. Mozambique: something a little bit off the beaten path.
  7. Mauritius