About The Heart Less Travelled



After 2 ½ years of on-and-off Tindering, I was finally getting tired of all the small talk, rudeness, carpal tunnel from too much swiping and guys that ended up just being penpals looking for something to fill in the time or guys that clearly only wanted one thing. Then one day I came across this inspiring read by former NZ Bachelor contestant Chrystal Chenery (you can read more about that story here) and I made a simple decision…

On 31st August 2016, I quit Tinder (and pretty much all obsession with being in a relationship) once and for all and made my friends promise to keep me accountable. As I was daydreaming on the train home from work, I had a light bulb moment: I would document my adventures and journey as I went ahead and rebuilt a life for myself. A life of purpose, strength, joy and love for myself, my friends and my family.

I have a humungous list of things I want to do and achieve, I have so many places I want to travel to. I have so many stories and lessons learnt to share so that you too come to realize that when you’re about to give up on the idea of love, you will always have yourself. May you find your strength, use it and realize that you are more than just a Tinder match, more than just a “right swipe”, more than just a girlfriend or boyfriend or husband or wife. You are not defined by your relationship status or your ability to attract or not attract a partner.

You are the one with great dreams and adventures stirring up inside of you. You are the one with love and compassion and beauty. You are the one with values and a purpose. You are the one who will do great things with your life. I just know it. xo


Why The Heart Less Travelled? Behind the name…


For so long I have not really been living with my heart. I chose to play small and take the “easier” path through life: good grades at school, university, career, house. While I am thankful for all these wonderful privileges, I know I haven’t really been following my heart’s yearnings. I would read about other people’s “exciting” lives but not really do much about my own. The life I dreamed of involved freedom, travel, adventures and of course writing bestselling novels from a cottage overlooking a lake. But that life seemed way too out of reach for me.

When it came to the dating scene, I wasn’t really going into it with much of my heart either. This was most evident in the way I was adjusting myself to suit whatever guy I was dating at the time but not really being my true, fesity, temperamental self. I don’t know how placid people do it, it’s hard work being even-tempered all the time. My lack of heart in the dating scene was also evident in the desperation I had to meet someone and finally erase my single status: many hours were spent swiping and curating the perfect online dating profiles and I’d be  constantly searching around looking for “the one” every time I was out – on the train, at work, at a bar, on the street. It was getting to the point where I was becoming very, very drained.

And so The Heart Less Travelled pays tribute to the decision I have made to travel through this journey of life with a more adventurous, loving and authentic spirit. Where I am consciously choosing to have adventures and see the magic in every moment. Where I’ve decided to just chill out a bit and enjoy the process of life. The title is also a bit of a play on words from Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less travelled by”

Behind the Blog – About Korii


My name is Korii – it’s pronounced like the guy’s name “Corey”. I hail from the far reaches of “Middle Earth” (more commonly known as New Zealand or Aotearoa). In 2013, I made the big move and settled in Perth, working in IT for an oil and gas company. However after almost 4 years there and badly wanting a change, I went crazy, took the plunge and moved across the country to Brisbane.

If you had told me a year ago that I’d be moving to the other side of Australia and working in sports analytics, I would have thought you were being silly. It’s funny how life turns out but it’s also pretty magical. 🙂

I graduated from uni with a computer science degree, which also makes me sound smart. I am however pretty far from your stereotypical computer geek. For starters, I don’t play computer games and sorry but I’ve never watched Star Wars. I’m pretty social. I also don’t watch much TV. My passions lie in writing, travel, photography, adventuring, exploring, fashion, reading, fitness and of course, rugby union. Hence why I’m donning an All Blacks beanie in the above photo.